Unix: Cannot load VM helper library jpcinstr ( libjpcinstr.so )



Running nmjava, get the following error:

Cannot load VM helper library jpcinstr ( libjpcinstr.so )


First check that the install completed correctly, there should be a symlink to libjpcinstr.so in /usr/lib, and the file itself should exist in /opt/Compuware/DPRA/bin (for Solaris)

Then, run:

cd /usr/lib
ldd -v libjpcinstr.so

If there are any incompatibilities listed, you will need to resolve these. Our tools require at least Solaris 2.6, including the Sun recommended patches to run Java.

If this still isn't showing errors, run (for solaris):

truss -f -o myfilename.txt /opt/Compuware/DPRA/bin/nmjava -version

If you run Solaris 2.7 or greater, use:

truss -f -u libjpcinstr,libnmshared -o myfilename.txt /opt/Compuware/DPRA/bin/nmjava -version

The equivalent command for linux is 'strace'. Send the output of this command (in myfilename.txt) along with the output of the ldd -v command to tech support at "nashua.support@compuware.com") and they will work with you to troubleshoot this further.

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