ERROR building DriverWorks/DriverNetworks projects in DriverStudio 2.6



After installing DriverStudio 2.6, DDK, and buiding the vdw_wdm.lib file. Building the HelloWdm produces this error:

ERROR building HelloWdm - Win32 Checked

The following DriverStudio libraries are not built:

Library: vdw_lib.lib VdwLibs.dsw -- VdwLibs.dsp -- "Win32 WDM Checked"


Since DriverStudio 2.6, we use saveenv.exe to generate (library).xml file to record what DDK version/configuration is used to build DriverWorks/DriverNetworks library. This saveenv.exe needs msxml3*.dll XML parser.

It's a known problem in DriverStudio 2.6 that it doesn't install necessary msxml3*.dll files if not all components are installed.

There are two simple workarounds. Choose either one for your convenience.

1. Reinstall DriverStudio with all components (complete).

2. Get new XML core service from Microsoft and install it.

Old KB# 11266
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