IE and IIS becomes unstable after installation of DevPartner Studio 7.0.x



After installing DevPartner Studio 7.0.x and open IE; the browser is not responsive (IE hangs, browser window blank, IIS hangs, etc.).


DevPartner Studio 7.0.x customers who have a third party product, Infragistics NetAdvantage, installed on their machine will experience this problem.

To correct this problem you will want to download and apply the latest DPS 7.0.2 patch. You must upgrade to 7.0.2 before applying this patch.

Look at the bottom of the following page under the section:

"DevPartnerStudio and BoundsChecker 7.0.2 Cumulative Patch"

for the download link:

"Latest Patch".

DPS 7.0.2 Latest patch

Check the readme file for additional information about the files you need and installation requirements.

Note: DPS 7.1 fixes this problem.

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