Source display in only one module of multi-module program



Problem: C7 source debugging is working in only one module of

the program, not in other modules. This problem occurs in MEDIUM

and LARGE model, but not SMALL or COMPACT model.


Solution: Put a SEGMENT section in the .DEF file. Get the code

  segment names from the .MAP file.  Suppose there are 4 code

  segments which are named _TEXT, _MOD1, _MOD2 and  _MOD3. Add the

  following section anywhere in the .DEF file:






  Note that the segment names other than TEXT are the names of the

  source modules. This work-around is actually the preferred method

  for building a Windows program.  It makes a code segment for each

  module, so when Windows discards segments and brings them back in,

  it is more efficient.

Old KB# 11519
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