Conflict with some 3rd Party testing tools such as Mercury Test Director



After installing DevPartner Studio 7.X Mercury Test Director software no longer works


There is a restriction with using any testing tools that inject into the same processes that our testing tools do. This is because only one testing tool can inject into a process at one time. This will prohibit you from running other testing tools, including Mercury Test Director, when you have the Distributed Analysis (DA) tool enabled. DA injects into various processes on your system in order to collect its session data. When you enable other testing tools within the DevPartner Studio (DPS) suite they first check to see if another tool is enabled and will disable it behind the scenes as required.

You will be able to utilize both your Mercury Test Director software and our DevPartner Studio test tools, just not at the same time. What we recommend is that you disable our tools when you are not using them.

Please verify the state of if your Distributed Analysis (DA) tool, that is; whether it is enabled or disabled.

Prior to version 7.0.2 DA was shipped enabled by default.

For DPS versions prior to 7.1 use the DAEnabler utility with the '/state' switch to verify the state of your DA tool.

For DPS 7.1 DA is enabled if the DA icon is in the system tray the tool.

Refer to your DA on-line help to determine how to enable DA for your DPS version (search for keyword 'enable') or see Knowledge Base Article 1708.

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