Symbol Loader error: GetProcAddress on DBI DLL failed



Symbol loader gives me the error "GetProcAddress on DBI DLL failed."  What can I do?


This error occurs when Symbol Loader uses an older version of MSPDB50.dll, usually the one that comes with Microsoft Visual C 5.0.  There may be several copies of MSPDB*.DLL on your computer. The one in use will be in a path described by the system PATH variable. Make sure the one in use is the most recent version.  Usually the MSPDB50.dll found in the bin directory of the DDK or MSPDB60.DLL from Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 will solve the problem.

We have developed a patch which removes the dependency on the version number of mspdb*.dll.  You just need to download the new version of nmtrans.dll available at the following link:  It should copy over the existing nmtrans.dll in your SoftIce directory.

Old KB# 11592
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