Installing Softice For DPS on a system with DPS 8.x



Installing Softice for DevPartner with DPS 8.X gives error "you do not have a valid DPS product"


DevPartner 8.x uses a different type of license. SofICE For DevPartner does not recognize this license.

You will need to obtain a 7.x DevPartner license if you do not already have one. To do this contact your sales person or e-mail support at

Then you need to install the previous version of the license manager. You can download that here:

Save this file and then unzip to a temp directory.

From that temp directory run setup.

If you require further help on installing the license please try the following install guide

Point to the 7.x license that you got from sales.

Now you will be able to install you copy of Softice For DevPartner.

Old KB# 11093
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