Creating a New Rule Set in CodeReview



How do I create a new rule set?


Creating a New Rule Set

By default, the Rule Manager includes a master rule set called All Rules. However, you can create additional rule sets tailored to your project-specific requirements. To create a new rule set:

Open the Rule manager.

Choose File > New Rule Set.

The New Rule Set dialog box is displayed.

Type in a rule set name at Rule Set Name.

A maximum of thirty characters are allowed.

Type in a brief description for the new rule set at Description (optional).

At Hungarian Name Sets, select a Hungarian name set from the Use set drop-down list.

Note: All name sets in the Rule Manager support the Hungarian naming analyzer and are based on the Hungarian naming convention. The Naming Guidelines naming analyzer, provided in the DevPartner code review feature only (via the Visual Studio .NET IDE), does not use name sets. Refer to the DevPartner Code Review online help for more information on the Hungarian and the Naming Guidelines naming analyzers in DevPartner.

Choose how Hungarian naming violations will appear on the DevPartner Naming pane:

Select Warn if unknown objects are found:

DevPartner will specify a naming violation as Unknown if it cannot suggest an alternative.

Select Warn if the first letter after the prefix is not capitalized:

DevPartner will suggest a more appropriate name.

Click OK.

The Rule Manager validates the new rule set.

After the new rule set is verified, you can perform another action:

Add a rule to the rule set

Copy and paste existing rules into the rule set

Drag and drop a rule into the rule set


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