Intel C compiler incompatible with TrueTime and TrueCoverage



When I run TrueTime or TrueCoverage from the stand alone it works fine.  From the VC IDE I get:

Error Message: This image was not instrumented for TrueCoverage, or contains modules that are instrumented for TrueTime.  You must instrument for TrueCoverage before you can continue.  Do you want to instrument for TrueCoverage now?

Also in the VC IDE Under the TrueCoverage Menu, Open with trueCoverage is grayed out.


TrueTime and TrueCoverage cannot work with the Intel C compiler.  If you have this installed we will fail in the IDE.  Products such as Vtune install this compiler.  Even if you have uninstalled a product such as Vtune it is possible that there will be files left over so be sure to remove the folder and its contents completely.  From here you'll need to uninstall the DevPartner product and do a reinstall.

Old KB# 12035
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