General Protection Fault Reported by SoftICE for DOS.



A General Protection Fault is generated when I try to use SoftICE for DOS.  What is the problem?


The following things can cause G.P. Faults:

1.) Failure to run EMMSETUP on S-ICE.EXE before installing.  Instructions on running EMMSETUP are detailed in the SoftICE manual.

2.) Running with another Memory Manager. Do not load any other memory managers when running SoftICE for DOS.  You need to comment these our of your CONFIG.SYS.   HIMEM.SYS can be used.

3.) Running with SMARTDRIVE or another DISK CACHING program. Do not load SMARTDRIVE or any other disk caching program.  You need to comment these out of your CONFIG.SYS or AUTOEXEC.BAT files.

4.) Running Soft-ICE versions prior to 2.5 under DOS 6.x. Upgrade to the final version of SoftICE for DOS which is 2.80.

Old KB# 11709
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