BPS: ERROR: This system has not been configured as a server!!!



Setting up a Borrowed license we receive the following error message from the Borrow Proxy Server(BPS)'ERROR: This system has not been configured as a server!!!


This error may be resolved by updating the level of security that is being used with the 3307 patch.

Instructions to run the patch:

Once the tool is downloaded on the license server, stop all Compuware applications. This includes the license administration utility and the license manager that resides on the server. Then launch the patch. Make sure before you run this tool, that you select the ignore all dates and replace all versions check boxes.

Once that is completed, launch the Compuware Diagnostic Tool. Go to tab number 5 and select the remove radio button. This will uninstall the license manager. Once that is uninstalled, reset the service name to Compuware License Manager, then path out to the LMGRD.EXE file, path out to the license.dat file, and path out to the LMGRD.LOG file. Once those are pathed out, select the install radio button. This will reinstall the new security level of the license manager. Once the installation is complete, select the start button. That will initialize the license manager.

Both the 3307 patch and the Compuware Diagnostic Tool can be downloaded from our FTP site.

3307 Patch:


Diagnostic Tool:

ftp://ftp.compuware.com/private/distribution/cpwrdiagtool30/cpwrdiag.zip (372 kb)

Documentation for using the Diag Tool:

ftp://ftp.compuware.com/private/distribution/cpwrdiagtool30/compuware license diagnostics tool.doc (2.8 kb)

A dialog box will then prompt you to save (download) the file to disk (an area of your destination hard drive). Click the "OK" button, select the designated hard drive area and then click onto the "Save" button. The file transfer process will then begin.

If you experience any problems during the download process, please contact

License Management via email at: License_Mgt@compuware.com

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