Using jar files with JCheck



How can I use JCheck with my application, which makes use of code stored in *.jar files?


JCheck will allow you to use one of the files stored in a *.jar or *.zip file:

  1. On the File menu, click Open.
  2. Select the jar, or zip file you want to check.

    The Archive Files field in the Open dialog displays the individual class files in the container file.

    If the applet or application you want to check is stored in a package, you might need to specify the root directory of the package in your class path.

  3. In the Archives Files field, select the individual class file you want to open and click Open.
Note: Some jar and zip files store the class files in a compressed format that makes it impossilble for JCheck to automatically determine whether the class file is an application or applet. In these cases, you must select the appropriate host program before running the program.
Old KB# 11046
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