No profiling with iPlanet Web Server on Solaris - JVMPI error message



Error attempting to use Remote Agent on Solaris to profile iPlanet Web Server: This Java VM does not support JVMPI - no data will be collected


This is because by default , when you install iPlanet Web Server, it installs it own JVM. This one that it installs happens to be one that does not have JVMPI and the best course of action is to point the server to load a different JVM.

First thing you need to do, is configure iPlanet to use another JVM. I can recommend the Sun JDK from java. If you go to and download then install the appropriate one. It would be best to get the latest JDK.

After you install the JDK:

1.In the iPlanet interface , you go to the main Web Admin Server and select the Global Tab

2. on there , you select the Configure JDK Paths

3. on that screen , you change your JVM to a standard Sun JDK 1.2 ( or above) that you have previously installed.

4. one more trick, you must edit the magnus.conf file for that web server , by remarking out the load modules that are loading the JVM ( they are called ) and all its associated functions. Look for a line such as the following:


5. make sure that the wwwuser ( or what ever user the web server runs as) has permissions to run your JDK.

At this point you would bounce the iPlanet Web Server:



iPlanet-WebServer-Enterprise/6.0 B05/18/2001 11:28

[LS ls1], port 80 ready to accept requests

startup: server started successfully

This will load your new JVM.

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