Created On:  17 December 2010


A dialog box containing the following message may display while profiling an application using DevPartner’s Performance Analysis or Performance Expert products:

An error has occurred while attempting to profile your application. Performance values may not be accurate until this problem is resolved. Please see Micro Focus Knowledge Base article #32693 for more information.

When monitoring one or more processes during a performance profiling session, shared memory resources are used to make thread execution times available to DevPartner’s profiling software. Occasionally, a thread-intensive process or set of processes may require more resources than were allocated by default. When this situation occurs, the indicated message displays during a profiling session.


Increase the amount of kernel shared memory resources allocated by the Quantum driver. To do this, perform the following to add the new value to the Windows Registry:

1. Determine how many threads need to be monitored simultaneously during a profiling session.

2. Determine how many thread-monitoring resources should be allocated by Quantum. This number should be larger than the value established in Step 1 and larger than 512 (the default value).

a. Start up your application without Performance Analysis or Performance Expert.

b. Use Windows Task manager or Process Explorer to determine how many threads are being used by each of the processes that make up the application.

c. Add the number of threads being used by each process to onbtain the number of threads that need to be profiled.

Tip: The number determined here should be large enough to accommodate your test sessions but not too large Since kernel shared memory is a valuable system resource, an unnecessarily large number will waste this resource and could impact the operation of other applications running on your system.

3. Using a registry editor, locate the appropriate key within the registry.

Note: Using a registry editor incorrectly can cause serious, system-wide problems that may require reinstalling Windows to correct them. Neither Micro Focus nor the provider of the editor can guarantee that any problems resulting from the use of a registry editor can be solved. Use a registry editor at your own risk.

For 64-bit systems, the key is:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Micro Focus\Quantum

For 32-bit systems, the key is:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Micro Focus\Quantum

4. Add a 32-bit DWORD entry named DriverMaxMonitoredThreads to this key.

5. Set the value of the DriverMaxMonitoredThreads entry to the number determined in Step 2.

6. Close the registry editor.