Dev6tcov.pkg error after uninstall DevPartner Studio 6.6.



After I uninstalled DevPartner Studio 6.6,   when I bring up the Visual C IDE,   I receive the error message:

"The TrueCoverage Visual C add-in has detected an incomplete or damaged TrueCoverage installation.  All TrueCoverage functionality has been disabled.  Close Developer Studio and reinstall TrueCoverage or remove the add-in file dev6tcov.pkg to resolve this problem"


This is because of an uncomplete uninstall of Devpartner Studio 6.6 (or DevPartner 6.6 for VC). To get rid of this error message, all you need to do is to remove dev6tcov.pkg file from your machine.


1. Close VC IDE;

2. Do a search for "*dev6tcov*.pkg" under

[root]:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\Common\MSDev98\Bin\IDE

3. Delete this pkg file ( Important note: please do not just rename it. If you do want to keep a copy of this file, at least get rid of the pkg extension ).

You should now be able to start Visual Studio without error.

Old KB# 11231
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