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I am running NT4 SP3. I bought Bounds Checker 5 Visual C edition. I have a 16 bit executable that runs a 32 bit executable. The 32 bit refuses to run as a seperate process. I would like to bounds check the 32 bit program. I tried to bounds check the 16 bit but bounds checker refuses to operate on a 16 bit program. How can I bounds check the 32 bit program. I have Soft Ice NT and can breakpoint anywhere in the 32 bit program.


You will need to take advantage of the Image File Execution functionality of NT.  See the BoundsChecker readme file and look for the topic: Automatically invoking BoundsChecker when a program is executed (Windows NT only).  This will tell you exactly how to BoundsCheck this spawned program. Be aware that there is a 24-character limit on the length of the path used for the ImageFileExecutionOptions. You may need to install to a shorter path.

Old KB# 12220
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