HOW TO: Using custom error handlers with FailSafe



What is the best way to use FailSafe in a project with existing error handling?


FailSafe works best as a starting point from which you can create a robust error handling system.  By adding error handling to every function, it is possible to deal with errors where they occur.  In general, error handlers should be customized to fit with the code they are in. To best merge the existing specific handler with the FailSafe engine, instrument with the Overwrite Existing Error Handlers option turned on.  It doesn't actually overwrite the error handers, but adds the Failsafe code to each function, and comments out your handler line.  Then you can merge the old  handlers into the one provided by FailSafe to suit your specific purposes.  This will allow you to take advantage of the generic error handling of FailSafe, as well as use your specific error handling code.

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