Created On:  14 October 2010


The result of Code Review is not correct after running it the first time.  Some rules which should be detected were not detected.  However, following the steps below produces the correct result.

How to reproduce:

1. Open the solution file for your application with Visual Studio(In this example, a solution containing 5 items that should get caught by CR was created).
2. Start Code Review. Do NOT do anything else.
3. Only one rule is detected, but, five rules should be detected.
4. Select the menu [DevPartner]-[Options] in Visual Studio, and Select [DevPartner]-[Code Review] in the TreeView, and JUST push OK button.
5. Start Code Review again.
6. This time, five rules are detected. This is the correct result.


According to our Lab, the reason for the discrepancy is due to the fact that upon startup, the default ruleset is "Default".  Once you go into the Options Menu and select Code Review, the default ruleset that is in focus is "All rules".  More CR errors are obviously caught when the ruleset is "All rules".

This will be fixed in version 10 and later.  The fix will have the default ruleset that appears under the Options menu be "Default".
Incident #2446695