Error Translating Kernel Debugger Extention DLL



When I try to translate a DLL for use with SI using the KD2SYS tool, I get an error. It says:

Copying D:\Program Files \uMega\DriverStudio\SoftICE\ mtrans.dll to D:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ mtrans.SYS

The following imports are missing for <importedDLL>.dll


How can I get around this?


In order for SoftIce to support a kernel debugger extension DLL, we must export all APIs that that DLL imports for 'normal' dlls like kernel32, ntdll, msvcrt.dll, etc. We can't support every API from every DLL.. Not without having a 100Mb version of NTICE using all your non-paged memory anyway. When you get the "missing import from" message the only resolution at this time is to contact the vender for the DLL & have them eliminate the dependancy for that imported function. If you strong belive that SI should support this particular exported function, email us and include the information of who you got the DLL from, and what the debugger extention does.

Old KB# 11068
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