Page Fault with 3Com network driver installed



Using SoftICE 3.2 on Windows 95 or NT.  During the startup process of windows the program entered SoftICE and there was a message

"Break due to page fault(0E0). Fault==0000"

The Cursor was in line 0028:c0144E0 and the header was"VPICD_PHYS_EOI 0002"

When I pressed C to continue , a character mode screen appeared with a single line :

"Window protection Error ,You need to restart your computer."

My network card is a:

         3Com Fast EtherLink XL 10/100Mb TX Ethernet Adapter.


SoftICE is picking up a bug in the 3Com driver.  3Com has documented this and the fix can be found in their latest driver set.  You can download it from their FTP site at:

or from their web site at:

(these web addresses are current as of 7/14/98)

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