DevPartner WebScript Causes Web Page to Hang



I get a recording control when I start the Agent Manager to profile my ASP page, but why does the page never finish loading?


It may be a problem with the version of msdbg.dll.  There is a Microsoft bug in the Script Debugger install that sometimes doesn't update this dll.  This would happen if the dll is in use by some process or service during the install.

The cure:

1. First check the version of msdbg.dll.  If it's an old version, then go to the next step.  If it's a version like then that's not old so the problem is something else.

2. If it is an old version do a listdlls -d "msdbg.dll"  to see what processes or services are using the dll.  Kill or stop any that are.  Then install the Script Debugger again.  If none happen to be using it at the moment, do the install again since something might have been using the dll during the original download.

Old KB# 12112
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