iPlanet will not start with Remote Agent on Solaris / Linux.



I installed Remote Agent on my Unix machine and I am attempting to profile some code using iPlanet. When I attempt to start iPlanet using the Remote Agent, it almost immediately stops.


If you are attempting to start the iPlanet Web Server using Remote Agent as any other user than root, it will not start. It is hard-coded into iPlanet's executable that starts the web server that you must be root. This is unless of course you want to start the web server using a TCP port of 1024 or greater.

Another reason, closely related, is that the iPlanet Web Server logs are 'owned' by the user root. iPlanet needs to write to these logs and cannot unless the appropriate permissions are given. These logs live in /usr/iplanet/servers/(your_server_ident)/logs. If you view these logs while you are attempting to start iPlanet, you will see something similar to the following:

Unable to open "unable to open logs.../usr/iplanet/servers/(your_server_ident)/logs/error

This is a permissions issue and it is BEST to launch as root.

Old KB# 11916
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