I get error spawning 'cl.exe'



I instal BC 5.02 (and earlier) and now cannot compile.  The error I get is error spawning cl.exe.


This error occurs when you have DevStudio installed to the "Program Files" directory and there is a file called "Program" on the same drive and/or you have BoundsChecker installed to a path containing a long filename (such as C:\Program Files\...). The problem occurs because our NMCL.EXE (which shunts to CL.EXE) cannot handle spaces in pathnames.

Solution:  Uninstall BoundsChecker and then reinstall it to the root directory of your local drive (such as C:\BCHKER).  Also be sure that your MS DevStudio and your IDE tools are also installed to your local drive (not on the network).

Old KB# 12170
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