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Is DriverAgent compatible with VJ version 6.0? What about version 1.1?


DriverAgent does not currently support Visual J 6.0. It does work with VJ 1.1, but with a few minor workarounds.

  1. Rename the file to
  2. Build the DriverAgent java classes with project workspace JavaAgent.dsw that we ship.
  3. Then adjust the project settings for the example as follows:
    1. Add the path to the JavaAgent folder to the CLASSPATH project setting. An environment variable is not valid for this project setting.  There are comments at the top of the example code explaining how to do this.
    2. Add the compiler switch /x- which enables Microsoft extensions to java. A requirement for Agent support.Visual J 6.0 has this enabled by default.
  4. To run the example with Visual J 1.1,download the Java SDK 3.2 which installs the J/Direct classes required for DriverAgent support.
  5. Download & install the latest Java Virtual Machine.
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