This client has not been configured for licensing (-8) error under DLM


This article explains why a valid license is not found for an ASQ product for the client but a valid license is in place on the license server.


When attempting to run an ASQ product such as DevPartner from a client an error message is displayed in a box entitled "Compuware Licensing" which says:

A valid license for this product could not be found and any evaluation period has expired. The following error was returned: This client has not been configured for licensing(-8). Click Distributed License Management for more information or to configure a license.

The license management system is DLM and the license path to the license server in the DLM GUI appears OK. Other clients are having no problem accessing the application.


This could be a case where the license path is not actually set on the client even though it may show in the list of license sources in the DLM GUI. Verify that there is connectivity from the client to the license server, then do the following on the client:
  • open a command shell
  • type in "dlmcv" to bring up the command-line version of the DLM
  • the DLMCV Main Menu appears. Type "C" to access the command list for the Client. Type "L" again to bring up a menu for the License Path.
  • On the next screen will be a list of Current settings plus a Command List. Check to see if the license path to the application is listed. If not, it must be added
  • To add a license file path press A, selecting the Add command. You will be prompted to Enter a license source to add to the license path
  • Enter the path to the license server just as you would add it via the GUI. Once you press enter after adding it, the source will be seen as added to the path.
  • Press "Enter" three times to exit DLMCV.

Try to access the application again.

Incident Number:

Old KB# 14883
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