Compiling Image Progress Bar Hangs



When I try to Make or Run with TrueTime or TrueCoverage I get a progress bar that does not complete and just hangs there, whats wrong?


Compiling Image progress bar just sits there and hangs. user tabs

The most common reason for this problem is the presence of user tabs in the toolbox of the VB IDE. If you are using user tabs, the work around is to move the components in the user tab to the general tab, delete the user tabs and then exit VB. After you reload VB and your project, TrueTime should be able to compile.

TrueTime/TrueCoverage use a command line compile. Projects not compiling when user tabs are present is a Microsoft bug reported in the following Knowledge Base article:

If you are not using user tabs then:

Try compiling with VB6.EXE from the command line.

From the command prompt, type:

vb6 /m project.vbp

If you cannot compile from the command line, then chances are that is why the progress bar is not completing.

Try using NMVB.exe to compile your application from the command line.

Locate the NMVB.EXE file.

For DPS v6.x It is normally stored in

C:\Program Files\Compuware\PCShared

Once you have located NMVB.EXE, Go to the command line

Example of the usage:

NMVB.EXE [C:\Project_folder\Project_name.vbp)

The default parameters are VB6 and TrueTime instrumentation.

Type NMVB.EXE /? for more parammeters

After executing this command, check to see if you have a new exe or dll, etc...

If the compilation failed, check the project folder for a file named sc_compile.out.

This file may contain valuable information about the failure.

DPS v6.6 Updated 5/8/03

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