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I just downloaded a trail version of the boundschecker for Delphi.  I'm currently using Delphi 3 to develop service on windows NT 4.  I followed the instructions in the readme file for debugging a NT service, but when I start my service from the control panel, Boundschecker doesn't start up.  My service starts as it normal does.  I have the box check to allow the service to interact with the desktop.  I have noticed a considerable amount of memory usage difference under the Task Manager when I have the registry key set for debugging and when it is not set.  Is this a problem with the trial version or is the something else.  I want to be able to test debugging my services before I buy the regular product.  So far the product seems to work great.  Thanks for any help.


Where do you have BoundsChecker installed to?  The Image File Execution registry setting only accepts up to 24 characters for the debugger path.  If you have BoundsChecker installed to c:\bchecker, the command line will be 24 characters. If you have the product installed to a directory path longer than the default, the Image File Execution functionality of NT will not launch the debugger.  You may be able to try putting the BoundsChecker install directory on your (SYSTEM) path and then just using "bc.exe" as the debugger exe in the registry. This is a limitation in NT itself.  You will need to make sure that the BoundsChecker directory is the appropriate length if you are going to debug NT serivices in this manner.

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