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Why does the NCS.EXE program get loaded unpon windows bootup?


NCS is used by for each run of TrueTime, regardless of if there is a remote client or not. It is a cross-process collator that is necessary for collecting information between out-proc COM calls as well, for instance. NCS.EXE is not a component of remote agent.

NCS is idle if you are not running TrueTime. As this is the case, it will be taking up 2 megabytes of virtual memory, which is swapped out to disk. It will not hinder the performance of your machine in any way, aside from a small boot-up overhead.

If these arguments are not convincing, NCS is a standard windows service. You can change it's start up mode to be 'manual' (which will then be loaded on demand), or 'disabled' (which will prevent it from ever being loaded) using the services control panel. It should be listed as the 'Numega Control Service'.

If you disable NCS, TrueTime's functionality will fall back to 1.22 behavior, with no remote or out-of-process collection taking place.

Old KB# 11118
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