Memory analysis not working with JVM Sun 5.0.



Memory analysis not working after upgrading to JVM to Sun 5.0


Because of an issue in Sun's release of Java 5.0, Memory analysis may not work correctly if class data sharing is enabled. (See Sun bug ID 5100404 at for more information about this issue.)

Disable class data sharing when profiling. Note that the Win32 release of the Sun J2SE 5.0 enables class data sharing by default and it must be explicitly disabled.

To disable class data sharing, pass off as a command line parameter to Java.

With DevPartner Java Edition, you can also disable class data sharing by creating a global environment variable named NM_VM_OPTIONS and setting it to off. Parameters set in NM_VM_OPTIONS get passed to the VM when DevPartner Java Edition starts an application server for profiling.


Caution: If you set NM_VM_OPTIONS to off and attempt to start an application server that uses a VM earlier than Java 5.0, it will fail. These VMs treat the off option as an invalid parameter and will not start.

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