Changing WebServer Login from Drop Down to Text field.



When I log into the WebServer, I currently have a drop down box that lists all of my users.  Can I change this to a text field, so that the user has to type in their user name?  Also, once I do this, if I want to change back to the drop down menu, how do I accomplish this?


To change from a drop down box to a text field, using REGEDIT on the NT server machine (Start | Run | REGEDIT), access the following registry folder:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE | Software | Underware, Inc. | Track Record Web Server

Right click in the window and create a New | String Value.  Name this string value "userList".  Once you do this, double click on the new string and give it a value of "Text".  You will end up with a new string:  "userList=Text" .  Once created, exit the registry editor.

The next time the web server starts up, you will have a text field instead of a drop down menu on your login page.  To go back to the drop down menu, delete the "userList=Text" string from the registry.

Old KB# 11647
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