Storing BoundsChecker results in a text (.txt) file as well as a .bce file



In BoundsChecker, the results of my session are stored in a .bce file which I can only read through the BC application. Can I have the results transferred to a text file?


There is a little known utility that is included with BoundsChecker called BCE_DUMP.EXE, which can typically be found in the BC installation folder.  This command-line utility allows you to pass in a results file (.bce) and output a text file with your session results.

For example, if you have a results file called "Results.bce", and you want to transfer the results to a text file called "Output.txt", go to the Windows Command Prompt and type the following (full pathnames left out to conserve space):

BCE_DUMP [options] Results.bce > output.txt



Turn off event numbering


Run-independent output


Hide suppressed events


Show this usage information

Note:  For current options of BCE_DUMP, you can always run the utility from the command prompt with a /? switch to find the latest switch usage.

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