Saving defects simultaneously opened by multiple people.



Two of my TrackRecord users had the same item open at the same time and both made changes to it.  It did something I didn't expect.  Why?


If two people are editing an item at the same time, there are four items to note.  Detailed below:

1.  If they make changes to separate fields (i.e. Person A changes the Status to Open and Person B changes the Severity to Crash/Hang) both changes will be kept and logged in the change history.

2.  If they make changes to the same field and the field is a list box, the additions are cumulative but deletions are replaced. (i.e. Defect has Sue QA in the Reported by field.  Person A deletes Sue QA and adds Joe Developer.  Person B adds John Doe.  When the item is opened again, The list will have Sue, Joe and John in the list.  Joe and John because additions are cumulative and Sue because the deletion was replaced by Person B saving the item that still had Sue in the list.)  All change histories will be logged.  (It will show Sue as being deleted by Person A and added again by Person B)

3.  If they make changes to the same field and the field is a combo box, the value entered by the last person who saved will be kept.  No error message.  The change history will display all events.

4.  If they make changes to the same field and it is not one of the above, (e.g. Description) when the second person saves, they will receive an error stating they have overwritten data previously written and instructs them to look in the change history for details.

Old KB# 11422
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