How to check a CGI or ISAPI program with BoundsChecker 5.x/6.x



How do I check a CGI app using BoundsChecker


Do the following:

1) In the registry editor, create the following registry value:


as a DWORD. Give it the value 0. Documentation of this key can be found in the on-line IIS docs, http://localhost/iisadmin/htmldocs/10_iis.htm

2) In the Services control panel applet, select "World Wide Web Publishing Service" and double click it. Check "Allow Service to Interact with Desktop". Close the dialog box with "OK".

3) In Internet Service Manager, double click on the WWW service to display the properties. Set the username and password to a user on the system. If this system is in a domain, the username has the form domain\username. Close the properties box with "OK".

4) Stop and restart the WWW service.

You should now be able to invoke a windows application from your browser. For example, http://localhost/scripts/SimpleWin.exe (a simple windows app I created that just puts up a dialog box)

To use BoundsChecker as the debugger, add a subkey to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options key with the same name as your CGI image. For example "SimpleWin.exe" Create under this key a value named "Debugger" of time REG_SZ and give it a value of "bc.exe /L"

Now when you invoke the CGI application, BoundsChecker will come up on your screen.

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