Database error code = 14 file = 38



After rebuilding my database, I try to logged in and tried to do a Check Database.  Now I get the error:  Database error code = 14 file = 38, and I cannot access the database.


If you get "Database Error Code = 14, File = 38" when running the Check Database Utility from Track record or when opening the database, please do the following:

1.  Have all users log out of TrackRecord.  If you are running AutoAlert  or the TrackRecord WebServer, they must all be shut down before continuing, as they are logged into the database.

2.  Back up the database!  You can do this by using Windows explorer to copy all of the files from your DBASE directory to another directory.

3.  From the TrackRecord program group, click on the REBUILD UTILITY icon, provide REBUILD the path to the database and then start the rebuild.

4.  Once the rebuild is done, open up TrackRecord on your workstation (if running the client server version of TrackRecord, you must first start the FairCom server). Go to FILE | now, hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard, and then select CHECK DATABASE.  Once the process starts, you don't have to hold down the CTRL key.

This procedure checks the database and deletes some extraneous files which may have been found during the DOS rebuild.

5.  Once the Check Database has been completed, you can let users log back into TrackRecord.

Old KB# 11412
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