Upgrading CodeReview's CRRules.mdb Rules database



How to convert the CodReview Rules database after upgrading to DPS version 6.6?


Before installing your new version of DevPartner, you must back up your CodeReview Rules Database (CRRules.mdb). See the DevPartner Studio Installation Guide for more details.

There is a utility installed in the Compuware\CodeReview folder called CRUpdateRDB.Exe. This utility will import your custom rules into the new rules database. However, this utility imports only your custom Rules and associated Triggers, It will not import Name Sets.

To use the utility, from the Run dialog type the path and name to the CRUpdateRDB.Exe followed by the path and file name of the "OLD" rules database.

(i.e. "C:\Program Files\Compuware\CodeReview\CRUpdateRDB.exe" c:\backup\crrules.mdb )

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