HOW TO: Using the email feature with MAPI clients



FailSafe asks for a profile name the first time it sends an e-mail with the report. Is it possible to set a default mail profile for FailSafe to use? If the user chooses the wrong profile the first time, how and where can you correct this?


FailSafe uses the MAPISendMail function to send messages throught the default simple MAPI client on the system.  In order for email to work, the system must have a default defined.  Possible Microsoft clients are Outlook Express, Outlook, or Exchange.

No logon information is set by default in the fsEmail function.  Therefore, the MAPI client will prompt to use its default profile.  You can select which profile to use and whether to prompt by adding some code setting the MAPILogon information in the fsEmail function. More information about MAPI and how to control it can be found in MSDN under MAPI and MAPISendMail.

Old KB# 12143
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