Could not logon to server. Error #133. Server is not operational



I am using the client server version of TrackRecord 4.0x and I'm running the NetWare version of the FairCom server, using the SPX protocol.  I tried to run the CTADMN.EXE utility.   When prompted, I entered the following:

Enter Administrator Password <and/or press RETURN> >> "case sensitive password"

Enter Optional File Password  <and/or press RETURN> >> <left blank>

Enter Optional Server Name   <and/or press RETURN> >> "entered name of file server.

I got the error:   "Could not logon to server. Error #133.  "Server is not operational".

I do have access to the file server that FairCom is loaded upon, can access the TrackRecord database, and am the TrackRecord administrator.


For the NetWare version of FairCom it is not necessary to enter the Optional Server Name.  Only enter the Administrator Password and then leave the other two fields blank.  This should allow you to access the NLM version of FairCom.

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