Cannot connect to FairCom server using CTADMN.EXE



When trying to access the NT version of the FairCom server using the CTADMN.EXE utility, user received the following error " Could not logon to server.  Error #133.".

User does have access to the server that FairCom is loaded upon and can access the TrackRecord database.  User is also the TrackRecord administrator.


Always be sure that you are running CTADMN.EXE from a DOS command prompt.  Do not try and run this utility by double clicking on it from Windows.

In this case, the user was using TCP/IP as their network protocol.  When running CTADMN, the user had to specify the optional server name in order for the utility to be able to locate the FairCom server.  The name of the server is FAIRCOMS and it must be input in one of the following 2 formats:

FAIRCOMS@MachineName (where "MachineName" is the name of the server FairCom is loaded upon)


FAIRCOMS@IpAddress (where "IpAddress" is the IP Address of the server FairCom is loaded upon)

If the user was running NetBios and received this error, then the issue of LANA NUMBERS comes into play.  The default LANA NUMBER on the server and client is 0.  You can adjust the number on the server side by using the COMM_PROTOCOL keyword in the CTSRVR.CFG file with the syntax:   "COMM_PROTOCOL  FNETBIOS@lananumber."

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