Understanding License Borrowing



How does 'License Borrowing' work with DevPartner products


The following is a brief overview of the 'Licensing Borrowing' process found in the CPWR license install guide:

  1. 1 The Borrow Proxy Server (BPS) is installed with the License Manager as a Service by the System Administrator Along with a License file that contains a FEATURE line with the 'Borrow' key word. The BLC runs each and every time the License Manager runs.

  2. A client installs a Compuware product, and the Borrow License Client (BLC).
  3. A client accesses the BLC application.
  4. When the BLC loads, it communicates with the BPS to verify license status.
  5. The client selects a license to borrow.
  6. The client commits the request by clicking the Apply button.
  7. The client enters the number of days to borrow the license.
  8. The BLC submits the request to the BPS. After authorization, the user can detach the laptop from the network and use the Compuware product remotely.

For more 'License Borrowing' information please refer to chapter 5 of the CPWR License Install Guide.

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