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I have created an application in VB6 SP2 and instrumented it with Failsafe 5.21.  I have included my own Client.ini and installed it into the application directory on my users machines.  During installation, I add the line to the [email] section of the INI.

My problem is that, when my users encounter an error, nothing is emailed to me.  I have made sure that the "Make Outlook Express my default simple MAPI client" checkbox is checked, but still nothing is sent.  Nothing appears in their Sent Items folder or their Outbox folder.

Some users have Win98 while others have Win95.

Any ideas of what I might be doing wrong?


VBAMAP32.DLL needs to be included in the install program.  It

is not included with Win95.  Once the dll is installed and registered

everything should work fine.

Old KB# 12162
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