Created On:  19 October 2009


How do you use code review when the same project has different types of prefixes for local and global variables?


To detect a different prefix (_m for member variable and _p for the member variable) for the member and the global variables, you cannot use the same name set. You need to create a different name set for different prefixes.

1. Open the code review rule manager.
2.  Go to File->Hungarian Name Set
3.  Duplicate the default Hungarian name set->by selecting duplicate button.
4.  Select the new Hungarian name set which you have created. Change the prefix for member and global variable.
5.  Hit Ok and close the name set.
6.  Go to File->Rule Set Properties->
7.  Edit Rule Set Dialog Box appears
8.  In the Use Set Option->select the new name set name which you have created.
9.  For different prefix’s create and select different Name Set through the rule manager.