'No events' in the BoundsChecker Program Results window.



Why, when analyzing my application with BoundsChecker, do I only see  'No events' listed in the Program Results window?


1) Is the project you are analyzing located on a local or network drive?  If network, try local.

2) Are you using ClearCase version control?  If so, copy the files locally, then run BoundsChecker OR upgrade to BoundsChecker 6.5.  There was a fix made to BoundsChecker 6.5 that should allow BoundsChecker to successfully run an application on a ClearCase drive.

3) Is there is a problem with the TEMP directory -- not enough disk space, a locked EVT.TMP file, privilege to write to TEMP?  Try cleaning out the TEMP directory.

4)  Do you see any information in the BC Program Transcript window (running the standalone BoundsChecker)?   (**** Send these contents with any issue submitted to our support team. ****)   Is BCCORE.DLL listed as loaded?  Unloaded?  If BCCORE.DLL is loaded, then immediately unloaded, try adding kernel32.lib to your project's link line.

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