WORKAROUND: Using FailSafe 5.2 with VB3



If you try to instrument and build a VB3 project with FailSafe 5.2, you will see the following errors:

1) an error in FAILSAFE.BAS on this line:

     Attribute VB_Name = "Module1"     (Invalid outside Sub or Function)

2) If this line is commented out, then in fsSTART an error occurs on this line:

strTemp = CircLog.RecordSize     (Type Mismatch)


There are two simple workarounds for these errors.

1) You can safely delete the Attribute VB_NAME = "Module 1" line.

2) The workaround for the strTemp listed above is to add a Str$() cast around the first line we set strTemp equal to something, so it reads like this (this fix assumes your code does not have a variable named StrTemp defined already):

     strTemp = Str$(CircLog.Record...)

Both of these issues have been fixed in FailSafe v5.21.

Old KB# 12145
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