Error: Can't find Visual C MSPDBXX.DLL in path.



When I try to load some driver, I have following error:


t50ddk\LIB\I386\CHECKED\usbvmax.sys opened successfully

Translating D:

t50ddk\LIB\I386\CHECKED\usbvmax.sys. . .

Error: Can't find Visual C MSPDBXX.DLL in path. Add the DevStudio\sharedide\bin directory to path.


SoftICE is looking for one of three files:  MSPDB60.DLL (VC 6.0) MSPDB50.DLL (VC 5.0) or MSPDB41.DLL (VC 4.0). These DLLs normally appear in the

\Program Files\Dev Studio\SharedIDE\Bin directory

but their location may vary depending on your configuration.

To resolve this problem you must find the directory that contains the DLL appropriate to the version of VC you are using and place it in your path. On Windows 95 you can add this path to your autoexec.bat or on NT you can edit your system environment variables from the control panel.

The alternative to setting up your environment variables is to copy the appropriate DLL into your SoftICE directory.

Old KB# 11778
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