Unable to uninstall DPJ



Why I am getting below error when I try to uninstall DPJ? error 'you must shutdown any active profiling sessions and all configured application server before you can uninstall DPJ'


This issue happens when the Compuware DevPartnerJava service is unregistered or marked as disabled.

Please follow below instruction to register and re-start the DevPartnerJava Service:

1. Go to command prompt, cd to InstalldirofDPJ/bin

2. Then type: ncsp -i

This installs the Compuware DevPartnerJava service and tries to start it.

3. From the Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services, Make sure that Compuware DevPartnerJava service is there and status is started and startup type is Automatic or manual.

4. Then try again to uninstall DPJ. It should work.

If you still have problems please contact support

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