Eclipse 3.1 Plug-In for DPJ 4.0



How can I get Eclipse 3.1 Plug-In for DPJ 4.0? or Does DPJ 4.0 have an Eclipse Plug-In from IDE Add-In Manager?


In DPJ 4.0, There is no official support for Eclipse 3.1 Plug-In from IDE Add-In Manager. We will provide official support of Eclipse 3.1 with DPJ 4.1.

We do have a patch for this. You can download this patch from Frontline

You need to register to obtain this patch, after registration or login, follow below steps to get to download page:

1. Select DevPartner and DriverStudio in product drop down.

2. You will direct to DevPartner and DriverStudio product page.

3. Select Fixes/Downloads link from upper left side, You will see the download zip file for Eclipse 3.1 Plug-In and instruction on how to configure that with DPJ 4.0

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