Unable to find helper library jcpinstr.dll



When trying to run an application on Unix using nmjava, I receive the following error:

Picked up _JAVA_OPTION: -Xbootclasspath/p:/opt/Compuware/DPRA/bin -Xrunjpcinstr -Djava.security.policy=/opt/Compuware/DPRA/bin/java.policy

unable to initialize JVM helper library jpcinstr

Could not create the Java virtual machine.


This error is caused when the default JVM is incompatible with DevPartner's Java products. For compatible compiler versions, check the ReadMe file that came with the product.

To change the compiler version you are using:

- Remove the current compiler from your $PATH variable.

- This can be done by:

A. source .zshrc

This command will re-initialize all of your environment

variables defined in .zshrc

B. vim .zshrc

If your $PATH variable is set to have the compiler in it

inside .zshrc, you will have to edit the .zshrc file manually

to remove it from the path.

- Add the compatible compiler version to your path

- This can be done by:

A. export PATH=$PATH:<NEW compiler directory here>

If you do not want the compiler version to be persistent, this

is the way to change it. The change can be removed by the

source .zshrc command at the Z-Shell Prompt.

B. vim .zshrc

Again, if you would like the change to be persistent, this is

the way to do it. It can be removed by editing it out of the

file later on.

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