Can I distribute FailSafe's Trace Viewer with my product?



Can I distribute FailSafe's Trace Viewer with my product?


No, the Trace viewer is part of FailSafe and you cannot distruibute it with your product. However, these tracing messages can be configured to write to a log file. Also, because the code injected into your application is completely open, with minimal effort one could easily create a replacement window for theses tracing messages.

When the application that has been instrumented first loads, it will look for a valid window handle to send these tracing messages to. This function is located in the fsStart procedure. Because it is looking for a specific window with a title of "NuMega FailSafe" Or "NuMega FailSafe -", you can create a window.

To demonstrate this.

1. Open Notepad

2. Do a File -> Save

3. Filename = "NuMega FailSafe"

- Use quotes so that it has no file extension.

- Notepads title bar should now read "NuMega FailSafe - Notepad"

4. Create a sample program that is Instrumented with FailSafe and generates an error

- You could use C:\Program Files\Compuware\FailSafe\Vb5\DEMOSAFE.vbp for this

5. Now, run the application so that an error is generated

The result of this demonstration will be a change in Notepad's title bar. With a little more effort utilizing an API, you could perform a hook into a window to receive thes messages.

The code that FailSafe injects into your project is open for the developer to customize it to their need.

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