FairCom Server will not start up (Error Code 133)



After setting up a database to be backed up using the Database Administration Utility, FairCom will no longer start up.  The service may say it started, but I get a Error Code 133 when I try to run TrackRecord.


The DUMP line, created in the FairCom configuration file to back up the database, does not have the correct path in it. This causes the FairCom server to abort its startup.

To correct this problem, you will need to do two things.

A. Remove the DUMP lines from the FairCom configuration file.

1. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the TrackRecord Server directory.

2. Open the ctsrvr.cfg file in Notepad.

3. Remove any lines that begin with the word DUMP

4. Save the file and restart the FairCom Server.

B. Repair the incorrect information in the Database Administration Utility configuration file.

1. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the Databases directory.

2. Open the dbautil.ini file in Notepad.

3. Edit the Path and databasePath entries to reflect the correct paths using 8.3 name convention.

4. Save the file.

5. Use the Database Administration Utility to set up backup times for the desired databases again.

Old KB# 11690
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