Build debug information in assembly program



I am trying to debug an assembler program with SoftICE. However the EXE does not appear to have the necessary debug info to generate a source code view. ( I have tried toggling with the SRC command).

I am using MASM 5.10 or later as follows:

    MASM source.asm /Zd

    LINK source.obj /map

I run the symbol loader and do not see source code and/or get an error that there is no debug information found.

Can you explain why SoftICE cannot debug the assembly module?


For the compiler options you should have both the /ZI and the /Zd options. The linker will need to have both the /MAP and the /MAPINFO:LINES.

Use the symbol loader to load the resulting .sys file and not the executable.

Make sure the symbol loader options are setup to look for source code and to package with the resulting .NMS file

Old KB# 11749
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